Missouri On To WCWS

Mizzou finished off a Super Regional with Oregon on Sunday with a 7-2 win over the Ducks.

Tigers Shutout Ducks

Mizzou’s Kristin Nottelmann shutout Oregon 1-0 in game one of a Super Regional.

Rescued Parrots

Parrots are intelligent, long-living animals, but some people who buy them don’t realize this.

Oregon Muggle Quidditch

Quidditch, the much beloved sport from the Harry Potter series, has found its way to Oregon.

Bellotti Leaves Oregon

Oregon’s AD Mike Bellotti has decided to leave Oregon completely to become an ESPN commentator.

Kent Out At Oregon

After a few sub-par seasons Oregon basketball coach Ernie Kent is out at head coach.

Pac-10… What Happened?

The Pac-10 Conference has had an awful basketball season. What’s going on?

Oregon Stunts

Oregon has a brand new stunts and gymnastics team. It’s quite a site to see.

Bikes And Burritos?

Bikes And Burritos at Oregon is a charity organization helping in an unusual way.

NFL Combine: Memory Lane

Casey Richards asks some of the top NFL prospects about their favorite college football memory.